What do you get when you combine three and a half creative writers, two Twihards, and one collective fever dream?

A podcast talking Twilight.

Sarah Mulroe received her BA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago. She's served as an acquisition editor for Hair Trigger, as well as having work published in Columbia's literary magazine. Currently, Sarah is an associate editor for Hypertext Magazine.

Jonathon Humphrey is a jack of all media and written arts and a master of none but currently focuses the most energy on podcasting, song, and script writing.

David Olszowy puts his Fiction-writing degree to good use by writing and GM-ing RPG campaigns for his friends to play. A handful of his short stories have appeared in various publications (Hair Trigger 40, Mental Papercuts, and The Lab Review) over the years.

Jacklyn Andersen exists in Chicago where she received her bachelor's degree from Columbia College's Fiction department. She is known for talking too much, drinking too much coffee, and getting irrationally angry at trivial things. Jacklyn's work has been featured in birthday cards, on receipts, and in the several notebooks she is always carrying.

There were three things Bella was certain of. We won't tell you what they are... because you already know.

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